Good workplace literacy is good communications.

The "information economy" has arrived, full of energy. Disruptive energy.

Technology is replacing manual work; and workers are being left behind ...

 - The Australian Bureau of statistics reports that 44% of working age Australian cannot read well enough to absorb training documents. (see ABS report)

- The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 70% of all new jobs created this year are "knowledge economy jobs". In comparison, the share of manual work "stood still". (see report)

- Overall, the share of "routine manual" jobs has fallen by 10 percentage points in the past three decades. There's also been a decline in "cognitive routine" jobs since the early 2000s.

What does this tell us?

Routine, non-cognitive jobs are a thing of the past. But has the workforce kept up?

The facts suggest otherwise - as the share of manual work has declined, Australia's welfare bill has increased.

28% adult Australians have English as second language

Many of your best workers might be hampered by literacy problems. This impacts across not just training, but all written exchanges. It can block talent rising through your ranks, and impacts seriously on your productivity.

The Productivity Commission said (2014) "

1 - Literacy and numeracy skills are becoming increasingly important for productivity ... as they provide the foundation to develop other skills.

2 - a 1% improvement in literacy yields a 1% increase in productivity." (see research)

The largest group of poor readers is in the migrant population.

My Literacy

We develop literacy and numeracy programs for adults. These are tuned to your workplace.

Its important that we teach the essential and everyday language of your workplace, and to do this, we sample your training documents and get a targetted list of keywords.

Then we package it into an ONLINE L&D program on your website. Your workers can access the system 24/7 for as long as is needed.

If you have an idea that literacy could fix some issues in your business, why not take a look inside the system?

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