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44% of adult Australians have difficulty reading websites.

A shocking result that will change your thinking!

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ABS research: In a regular ABS literacy survey, researchers found that 44% of adults cannot read well to understand website text. The next 35% are classed as "moderately able". Only the top 20% can understand nuance, complex words, and nested grammar.

You've probably noticed it around your own business. It is slowly improving (2% a decade) but unless your website makes sense to everyone, you are missing a giant part of your market.


Content for Websites
Deep Red creates good quality marketing or SEO content that motivates an action, or presents a new concept, or updates a site. We write text that talks, and sells to your demographic.

Over 50's market
Deep Red has a had a lot of experience writing for Funeral Parlours, Aged Care Facilities, and Seniors demographic.

We didn't seek it out, but its become a specialty. It involves a genuine conversation with your customers, and and appreciation of their concerns.

Deep Red understands the aspirations and concerns of families. We write easy-to-read copy that talks to the needs people have; to their worries and fears,  and of course, their dreams.

Mining, agricultural and regional are second-nature to Deep Red. We understand the outlook of everyday people who are sometimes, right away from the 'madding crowd'.

These days, its easy to stream audio to a webpage. You can provide key information without asking someone to read.

When reading is required, we simplify the language without losing the concept. It has to be easy to scan, and "see into" so that the words don't all merge together. Which can happen when English is second (or third) language.


Copy for tech giant website.

SEO Articles
When Dentists get SEO pain.

Medium Business
Introducing tradesmen to technology.

Small Business
Small, hi-impact website.

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