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Literacy issues are part of a multicultural workplace. Training programs can flounder if key documents cannot be easily comprehended by all skills levels in a workforce.

Deep Red edits long-form training documents to make the text more readable. The intention is to increase the productivity of employees by helping them to absorb more training, in a shorter time.

The editing process filters the text used to ensure that it is understandable, the it has reduced jargon, that abbreviations are introduced and defined, and and that concepts are expressed in the everyday language.

Part of this process is to remove ambiguity and make it reader-centric, that is, everything is visualised through the reader's lens.

Our services involve converting raw data into logical documents, and editing current training material to develop better readability.

This does mean pitching the language with simpler, shorter words, and simplifying the grammatical structure to allow a linear flow of ideas, which greatly assists affected readers.

We also reduce use of homophones, where words have two or more meanings, and structure documents to be rapidly scanned.

Video and Multimedia
Where relevant, the documents can be converted to simple video with a focus on drilling the key concepts. They include a scripted format of key text points on screen, an explanatory voiceover and images where relevant.

Online Literacy. develops online reading programs for specific workplaces. The language that employees are required to know is determined and built into a series of videos for online, repeat viewing.

The My Literacy site has a number of existing 'courses' for different industries, plus a Foundation Phonics program that have proven efficacy (government research can be supplied).

The program is being used by Australian NGOs working in migrant and refugee settlement in Australia.



Thiess Training Keynote Address
Written communication.

Training Scope
Detail the specific skills.

Page Reader Video
Voice and text drilling the message.


Literacy Training
English for your workplace.
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