Video Communications

Explaining Concepts

Explanation of concepts is best done by animated video. The cost is low, the impact is high, and they add a whole new demographic persona.

People like animations. An entertaining concept will entice them to continue watching, and if it's fun, they'll watch even longer.

Concept, script & production: from $2000

Corporate Concepts

Ideal for corporate meetings and marketing; we design a concept aaround your idea, building a script and action plan, ready to be voiced and produced. Whether its a green-scene narration, a video built from stock, a slideshow built from photos or a slick animation of lines, text and visuals.

Concept and scripts from $450

Slideshow / stock footage productions from $1000

Training Concepts

Training is becoming video-centric. It enables repeat exposures, and distance learning, and can be used whenever  new project is started, with new workers.

It enhances the recall of safety training, and provides a clear explanation for multicultural workforces.


Concepts and script - from $700
Script editing - from $250

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